Video Busts Strawman Myth and Conspiracy About Bogus Treasury Direct Accounts

Michael Bovee published a great video that helps to explain the series of legal and financial conspiracy theories people believe in regarding the strawman beliefs, Treasury Direct Accounts, Federal Reserve Accounts, etc. The video helps to explain why these imaginary payments bounce.

The video helps to explain why the all caps name, your personal commerce identity, the birth certificate serial number, the strawman beliefs, acceptance for value efforts, UCC liens, sovereign nation, prepaid debts with birth certificate, why there is no bank account at the Treasury Department or Federal Reserve with your name on it.

A big hat tip goes out to Michael Bovee for doing such an excellent job of pointing out the lack of basis for these beliefs and anyone who has studied these issues will applaud his efforts to debunk some of these misconceptions that lead people to do silly things.

Steve Rhode
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