The Cost of Commuting (Infographic)

You may think that a long commute is unavoidable. After all, the average American commutes for nearly an hour a day. Unfortunately, after giving the best 8-9 hours of the day to their employer, many people give up one to two more stuck in traffic. I am aware that there are productive things you can do while commuting, make phone calls, listen to podcasts/audiobooks, etc. In fact, you can get two free audiobooks with this link. However, think about how much sweeter those stories would sound if you listened to them while tuning up your bike or fixing things around your house.

As shown below, the financial case for riding a bike to work speaks for itself. However, there’s a time argument to be made as well.  If you trade your 25-minute car commute for a 10-minute bike ride, you’ll save yourself 148 days over 20 years. That’s almost five months! Not to mention that with all the money you’ll save you can retire at least five years earlier!

If you are interested, here’s my full take on the true cost of commuting. If you’re more of the visual type, see the infographic below.

Cost of Commuting Infographic


Do you ride your bike to work? Why or why not?

This article by Caden Rhoton first appeared on Dime Dad and was distributed by the Personal Finance Syndication Network.