Does Winning an Oscar Increase An Actor’s Salary

The-Oscars-2013The 88th Academy Awards were held the other night in Hollywood, California and the winners are probably still partying the night, and day away.

To you and I the Academy Awards are known as the Oscar, as that is the name given to the statute that has become the most coveted accolade and award an actor, director, film, musical score, etc, can receive. Just to be nominated is an honour.

More on who won, in a bit.

There were some strong contenders in the nominees department this year, with a few expected to win.

As with many years for the Oscars, you see the same films and actors being nominated, as there are always a few strong films that seem to dominate the awards.

This year was no different.

Films like “The Big Short”, “The Martian”, “The Revenant”, “Bridge of Spies”, and “Steve Jobs” all received more than one nomination, either for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and/or Best Director.


The history of the Academy Awards or Oscars is a long one, 88 years to be exact.

The first awards were started in 1929 as a private dinner function, with less than 300 people in the audience.

The cost of a ticket to the ceremony was $5, or about $69 in today’s money.

Today the Oscars is where all of Hollywood’s finest come out, dressed in their best, and walk the red carpet to hopefully taking little Oscar home with them.

There have been some interesting speeches given over the years by the winners, and also a few interesting events unfold at the ceremony.

Memorable Speeches

In 88 years of Oscar winners, there have been some memorable moments in the winners giving their thank you’s and acceptance speeches.

A few of the more memorable speeches and moments:

* Joe Pesci giving one of the shortest ever acceptance speeches in 1991 winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Goodfellas”: “It’s my privilege. Thank you.”

* Patty Duke in 1962 for giving the actual shortest ever acceptance speech for winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in “The Miracle Worker”: She simply stated, “Thank you”.

* Marlon Brando in 1973 winning the Best Actor award for “The Godfather”: Marlon had sent Sacheen Littlefeather, an Apache woman to refuse the award based on the protest of how Native Americans were depicted in films. She also was to read a 15 page speech, which she did not get to read.

* The Streaker: Who could forget the 1974 Oscars when David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor and a streaker ran across the stage.

The acceptance speeches themselves can be as entertaining as the films.

The Academy has now limited the time-frame for an acceptance speech to 45 seconds. Not much time if you have a lot of people to thank.

Should you go over the time limit, the band starts playing again and drowns the winner out.

The Statute Itself

The statute itself that the winners receive has a long history and some interesting facts associated with it.

* It is thought that actress Bette Davis named the statute after her husband and band leader Harmon Oscar.

* The statute has remained unchanged over the years.

* 2,947 of the statutes have been presented over the years.

* The statute is 13.5 inches high, and weighs in at 8.5lbs.

* Due to a metal shortage during World War II, the statutes were made of plaster and painted gold.

 Winners cannot sell their Oscars either, which when you think about it, why would they. However there have been a few isolated instances of it happening.

According to the Academy’s bylaws which started in 1951, any actor wishing to sell their Oscar must first offer it back to the Academy to purchase for $10, which isn’t much compared to what a general public sale or auction might fetch. However, the 24-caret gold statute is only really worth around $400.


The BAFTA or British Academy of Film and Television awards is Britain’s equivalent to the Oscars.

Many if not all of the films and actors nominated for a BAFTA award wind up being nominated for an Oscar as well.

It could be said that if an actor or film wins a BAFTA, they could be a strong contender to win the Oscars.

In the past, four (4) of the five (5) BAFTA winners for Best Actor, went on to win the Academy Awards, and if you look further back, eight(8) of the past 11 winners won both awards.

Diversity Controversy

Recently there has been a controversy surrounding the Oscars that the awards are not diverse enough, and that there is racism in the academy.

This was mentioned and brought to light as for this year 2016, no black actors were nominated for the award.

The academy is in the process of making some changes to address this situation.

Does Winning an Oscar Earn an Actor More Money

When you win a BAFTA or an Oscar, it a big deal, again, the highest accolade that can be given to an actor, director, or film.

With such an honour being placed in winning such an award, you would venture to guess, actors that win these awards earn more money in their future films or roles.

You would be correct.

However, with nothing being as it seems in Hollywood in the film world, women tend to not get quite as big a raise as male actors do.

So how do you put a figure on how much more an actor will earn, I haven’t a clue, but a thesis from a graduate student at Colgate University did such a thing.

Male actors can receive an 81% increase in their salaries after taking home the Oscar.

A male actor’s salary can go up to $3.9 million after a win, while a female winning may only see a $500,000 increase.

Emanuel Levy, a film critic and author states, “Everybody gets more money; the question is how much.”

“A lot depends on who they were before they got the Oscar.”

This is not limited to just actors, but films as well. A film can earn millions, and then once it wins the Oscar, it can go on to take in millions more as more people get out to see it.

A film that wins the Best Picture Oscar can go on to earn an additional $13.8 million more than other films that did not win the award.

2016 Oscar Winners

The nominees for (insert category here) are….

And the Oscar goes to:

Best Film: “Spotlight”

Best Director: Alejandro G. Inarritu for “The Revennant”

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio “The Revenant”

Best Actress: Brie Larson “Room”

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance “Bridge of Spies”

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Vikander “The Danish Girl”

Congratulations to all!

,The 88th Academy Awards were held the other night in Hollywood, California and the winners are probably still partying the night, and day away. To you and I the Academy Awards are known as the Osca

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