How It Works

If you are a personal finance blogger or journalist like I am then you know how hard it can be to find places to share or syndicate your content to. Those of us that enjoy reader traffic know why syndicating your content is a smart thing to do.

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I created the Personal Finance Syndication Network (PFSyn) to help my fellow personal finance authors and bloggers to easily distribute and republish articles they’ve slaved over. I mean seriously, why work harder when we can just collaborate and work smarter?

The idea behind the Personal Finance Syndication Network is cooperative simplicity. The process to automagically or manually include the content you select in your site is simple. And the ability to submit your articles is stupid easy as well.

And best of all, it’s simply free.

By participating in PFSyn you will then enjoy the same problem I now face on a daily basis, having too much content to select from. My advice is that you don’t publish everything but instead, pick and choose what is most appropriate for your readers. They’ll appreciate that.

Steve Rhode