Navient Won’t Send Me a Cosigner Release Letter to Prove I’m Off the Hook


Dear Steve,

I have been released as a cosigner on a loan by Navient since July. The person I consigned the loan for received the letter of release and sent me a copy. She has called Navient a second time to send a letter directly to me.

The second request was made over a month and half ago but I still haven’t received it. When I called again to find out why I still didn’t get my copy I was told to ask the person I consigned the loan for to call and make that request again. They keep lying about sending me a copy when they completed the release. I feel the person calling a third time will not make any difference. Your advice will be greatly appreciated

How can I go about getting my official copy of cosigner release letter? Thank you



Dear Adjoa,

As a cosigner you have no standing on the account to request the letter. A cosigner gets to bear all the liability but have no authority over the loan or account.

You say you received a copy of the letter from the borrower but want a letter directly from Navient. It sounds as if you don’t trust the borrower. That’s fine. Being prudent on a matter this important is a smart thing to do.

At this point you have a several logical solutions.

1. You could hire a local attorney to represent you and write to Navient on your behalf asking for confirmation of your release.

2. You could contact the Navient Office of the Consumer Advocate and attempt to get a straight answer from them.

3, You could ask the borrower to authorize you to access account information with Navient. Navient may require a power of attorney form to be signed to give you access.

4. If you know the loan number on the account, you can always try to speak to a Navient representative directly. This is probably the least likely to work.

Steve Rhode
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