FTC Returns Money to Consumers in Mortgage Relief Scam

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 2,653 checks totaling more than $467,000 to consumers who lost money to a scheme that charged large up-front fees for mortgage relief services that were not provided.

The FTC won a court action against Jackson, Crowder & Associates and Crowder Law Group, in which the FTC alleged that the defendants falsely promised to modify consumers’ mortgages and substantially reduce their monthly payments, exaggerated the role an attorney would play, and pretended to be affiliated with a government agency.

Consumers who receive the checks from the FTC’s refund administrator for this matter, Gilardi & Co. LLC, should deposit or cash them within 60 days of the mailing date. The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or to provide information before refund checks can be cashed. The amount of the check will vary based upon each consumer’s loss.

Consumers who receive checks and have questions can contact Gilardi & Co. at 1-888-561-9023. More information about the FTC’s refund program is available on the FTC’s website.

This article by the Federal Trade Commission was distributed by the Personal Finance Syndication Network.