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The Secret To A Successful Marriage: Separate But Equal Cash

From PFSN member Debt.com

Apparently, I don’t love my wife. Every financial expert says so — because we’ve never merged our money.

“Keeping money entirely separate will lead to a lot of unnecessary stress,” claims one such expert.

“When you put all your money at your spouse’s disposal, it is something like giving the gift of all of your income,” says another.

It seems most Americans agree. A poll this week by Country Financial reports, “Americans are united in their sentiments about combining their finances: 64 percent of Americans think combining finances is important.”

“Screw you all,” say my wife and I.

We have no children, we both have jobs, and we keep separate credit cards and bank accounts. She pays the mortgage and I pay all the household bills, which conveniently totals my half of the mortgage each month. We spend the rest of our money any damn way we please.

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