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How It Works

My name is Steve Rhode, and I’ve spent a decade writing about debt – after being deep in it myself.  (More about me here.)

Along the way, I’ve met many other personal finance experts who want to save Americans from financial ruin. We attack the issue in different ways, but we all share the same problems:

  • We spend a lot of time marketing our content instead of writing it.
  • We’ve also had to find revenue sources that were both lucrative and

The Personal Finance Syndication Network solves your time and money problems.

Join for free, leave whenever. There’s no contract and no cost. PSFN members can upload and download content as they see fit, and they can choose from a long list of commission-based solutions for their readers.

Cooperative simplicity. Uploading to PFSN couldn’t be easier, and choosing posts for your own site can be done automagically with our unique time-saving system.

Simple profitability. Why struggle with sketchy ads on your site that earn you very little? Our WordPress-compatible modules offer proven, reliable, and highly rated solutions for your readers – from debt management programs to student loan consolidation and everything in between.