Why it Works

As a very busy personal finance author myself I’ve come to realize that I can’t write all the content my readers at GetOutOfDebt.org want to read. And trust me, I’ve published 20,747 articles/posts on the site before I started including syndicated content.

But here is what I learned along the fingertip numbing typing journey of endless research and writing:

1. I Don’t Know it All

I’ve met a number of exceptional personal finance authors who write amazing content. Everyone has their own expertise and being able to include the works of others only helps my readers to learn more. For example, I hate to write about 401(k) and IRAs but other personal finance writers love that stuff. By including their content in my site I look like a really smart guy.

2. I Like My Content Big and Round

Publishing syndicated content and tagging it helps to round out my relevant related articles so readers stay to learn more. I might write something on a particular subject but the syndicated content that appears in the related posts on my site just keeps readers around and interested. Reading more means more time around ads and that leads to higher income for my site.

3. Well Hello There

Allowing my content to be syndicated or republished on other sites, helps to introduce me to others who may be looking to learn more about my areas of expertise. It allows me to meet new potential readers.

4. No Spanking or Time Out

My primary website is very, very busy with loads of traffic. Including syndicated content on my site has not hurt me at all in the search engines. There are times when I might syndicate a post on sites like Huffington Post and they may outrank me but who cares, I don’t. I’m reaching millions of readers I would not have otherwise reached.

5. Kerthump-Kerthump

By including syndicated content, my site always has a heartbeat of new posts. This allows me to stay in front of my readers and not fade off the radar. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sure, you don’t need to post a new article everyday but have you ever realized a slight break from writing turned into a couple weeks or month of no new content? By using available relevant stories from the Personal Finance Syndication Network you can keep your site beating along and prevent your followers from forgetting about you.

6. My Tasty Recipe for Syndicated Success

I tend to include four syndicated stories a day on my GetOutOfDebt.org site and add my new posts to that mix. That might be a lot for many sites but I’m also a very prolific blogger, writer, and journalist. My readers are used to seeing loads of new posts a day.

With all the available content from the Personal Finance Syndication Network I automatically import on a daily basis, all I have to do is look through the imported stories in draft, delete the articles my readers would not be interested in, and schedule out the ones my readers would like to see. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple of weeks of posts scheduled ahead this way. A day or week off having fun instead of chained to my keyboard is almost unnoticed by search engines or my readers.

Steve Rhode